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Why it is Important to Aerate Your Michigan Lawn in the Fall



August is here, and fall will be here before you know it. Around this time of year, we usually get questions from our clients about lawn aeration. What is it? When is the best time of year to do it in Southeastern Michigan? What are the benefits of aeration? In this post, we will address those questions and explain why this is an excellent time of year to consider aerating your lawn.


What is Aeration?

Other than regular fertilization, lawn aeration is one of the best things you can do to ensure a healthy, lush, weed-free lawn. Aeration involves utilizing a special machine to remove “plugs” or “cores” of soil throughout your lawn, creating small holes that will allow nutrients, air, and water to penetrate deeply and will relieve soil compaction and stimulate root development. In Michigan, a robust root system is key to maintaining a healthy lawn. Aeration is done using a specialized core aeration machine. Aeration machines are typically heavy motorized devices that look somewhat like a lawnmower. The machine inserts hollow tines several inches below the surface of the soil, extracts plugs of soil and grass and drops them on the surface. 





Why should you consider aerating your lawn?

Michigan lawns experience stressors from numerous sources. Neighbors walking...

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