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Core aeration machine in action.

Aeration & SeedingIn Troy, MI & Surrounding Areas

Our annual aeration and seeding services will allow your grass to receive the water and nutrients it needs, while also filling in any bare spots in your lawn.

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Our Aeration and seeding services are available to residential and commercial properties across Oakland County, MI including Troy, Rochester, and Bloomfield, and surrounding communities.

Annual aerating and seeding services ensures the air, water, sunlight, and nutrients reach your lawns root system.

This core aerator is perfect for some of the larger properties found in the Troy community.

Preventing problems is much easier than fixing them, which is why your lawn needs preventative services to ensure it stays green, healthy, and strong all year long. Aerating and seeding your lawn on an annual basis is just one of the major components to excellent lawn care.

At Sunnydale Lawn Care we want to see your lawn thrive! For that to happen, grass needs a balanced combination of air, water, sunlight, nutrients, and space to grow. When any of these fall short, so does your turf. Aerating on an annual basis will ensure the needs of your grass are met and your property is well cared for.

We provide our aerating and seeding services for residential and commercial properties in and around the Troy, Rochester, and Bloomfield, MI.

The Best Time for Aerating Services for Cool-Season Grasses

We offer our aerating services on an annual basis between mid-September and October. Since fall is the best time for cool-season grasses, like the ones that can be found in Troy and surrounding areas like Rochester and Bloomfield, MI, we take advantage of the mild temperatures to give your lawn a leg up on obtaining extra nutrients.

A lawn that is not regularly aerated will begin to decline. Make sure to schedule your services with us yearly!

Details About Our Core Aeration Service

The type of aeration that we offer is called core aeration. During these services, we use a tool that removes soil plugs from the ground and deposits them on top of the turf. These soil plugs help to:

  • Alleviate compaction in your turf
  • Allow moisture to get deep into the soil and to the roots of your grass
  • Allow the root system to grow, expand, and strengthen

Our typical services are coupled with overseeding to give your lawn a boost in growth and cover any sparse areas on your property. Additionally, we return a few weeks post-aerating and fertilize your lawn with a specially blended slow-release nitrogen fertilizer. This is in order to feed your grass and help it through the winter.

We always recommend aerating and seeding at the same time, however, we perform our aerating services without seeding as well.

What is the Purpose of Overseeding & How is it Done

Only premium seeds are used during our overseeding services for all our clients, including those in Bloomfield.

Whether you have a large commercial lot or a small residential property, your grass can benefit from overseeding on an annual basis. Overseeding uses new grass seed for the purpose of creating a denser, thicker lawn.

Sparse areas on your grass can be created from foot traffic, pets, insects, and other such occurrences. From aerating, the seeds are given the chance to work themselves deep into the soil. This gives them the best possible chance at germination. By adding in new seedlings on an annual basis, you help alleviate compaction.

We carefully spread new, high-end grass seed over your lawn post-aerating. The seed is then deposited directly into the open holes from where the soil plugs were removed.

The Impact That Aeration, Overseeding & Slice Seeding Has on Your Soil & Turf

At Sunnydale Lawn Care, we aerate and overseed because it addresses a deeper issue than just installing new grass. Aerating helps create healthier soil by allowing proper passage of oxygen, water, and nutrients deep into the root system. Paired with overseeding, you get an improved overall lawn because you have made a positive impact on the soil first.

Slice seeding is a great method for quickly growing new grass, but you do not address the issue of the soil. The healthier the soil is, the stronger and more disease resistant the grass! While slice seeding is not a bad option if you need to quickly fill in spots in your lawn, the most beneficial method for your turf is overseeding and aeration.

Proper Watering for Your Newly Seeded Lawn

Troy property being watered after having received aeration and overseeding services.

Water your newly seeded grass frequently to ensure it is getting proper hydration, takes root, and grows. Once the roots are established and your new seedlings start to grow and blend with the rest of your turf, regularly scheduled mowing sessions can resume.

However, because our services are performed in the fall, very little mows if any will be performed after our aeration and seeding services. These combined with our final fertilization application will prepare your lawn for winter.

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Whether you have a business or a home, the exterior appearance, and health of your property matters. A well-maintained lawn brings both curb appeal and value to your space. Routine lawn care that benefits your turf and soil is the only way to maintain that appearance.

We make sure your grass thrives with overseeding and aeration services offered every fall! We work with communities in and around Troy, Rochester, and Bloomfield, MI. Give us a call at (248) 376-8991 to get a quote and get on our list this year!

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