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Grubs and brown patch are two afflictions that are common for Sunnydale Lawn Care to address.

Lawn Insects & Disease ControlIn Troy, MI & Surrounding Areas

From insects like chinch bugs and grubs to fungal lawn diseases like dollar spot and brown patch, our state licensed professionals will bring your lawn's disease or pest infestation under control.

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Commercial & Residential Lawn Insect & Disease Control by Licensed Technicians for Customers in Troy, Rochester, & Bloomfield, MI

We take control of the pest and lawn disease issues of local homeowners and business owners, and leave them with the tools and knowledge to prevent future insect infestations or lawn fungal diseases.

Troy residential front lawn with signs of fungal lawn disease.

The more stressed your lawn becomes, the more likely you are to have an infestation of insects or lawn disease problems. At Sunnydale Lawn Care, our technicians are licensed from the State of Michigan's Department of Agriculture and have the experience and training to create a custom program that fits your needs and budget.  No matter its current condition, we will work with you to transform your yard into the picture-perfect, pest-free lawn that you deserve.  

We help customers take control of their pest and lawn disease issues quickly and efficiently, and leave both residents and commercial property managers with the tools and knowledge necessary to prevent future infestations and avoid the spread of lawn fungal disease. We work with local homeowners and business owners in the Oakland County area, which includes Troy, Rochester and Bloomfield, MI.

The Threat Chinch Bugs & Grubs Pose for Your Lawn

Grubs that were found under the turf of a Troy commercial property.

We treat lawn's with existing problems, or on an as-needed basis when it comes to pests. Our pesticides are designed to remove insect problems from both your lawn and landscaping. Grubs and chinch bugs are the biggest threat to your grass.

Both of these lawn-destroying insects are small and are hard to see. However, a simple cut into your lawn to look at the soil will easily expose whether you have a chinch bug or a grub problem. When either of these pests are allowed to invade your lawn, they slowly eat away and kill the grass from the roots up.

Chinch bugs also release toxins that kill your grass as they eat through it. The best course of action for solving your pest problem is getting professional assistance immediately! At Sunnydale Lawn Care, we offer comprehensive as-needed pesticide services throughout Troy, Rochester, and Bloomfield, MI.

Lawn's with pre-existing pest control issues are able to take advantage of our preventative services. Please let us know if your lawn has been prey to either grubs or chinch bugs in the past!

Lawn Disease & Its Causes

Lawn disease negatively affects your lawn, turning the lush, green grass you desire into a patchy and dead disaster. The key to understanding fungal lawn disease is to know what causes it, which kinds affect your area, and how you can maintain your lawn in the future to avoid it.

There are many contributing factors to lawn disease. However, improper maintenance of your lawn is going to raise your chances of finding your lawn affected by some sort of disease. Some of the most common causes of lawn disease throughout the Michigan areas of Troy, Rochester, and Bloomfield are:

  • Drought
  • Overwatering
  • High temperatures and humidity
  • Nutrient imbalance in your soil
  • Poor mowing methods
  • Thatch buildup

The key to keeping diseases away is to stop them before they start.  Our crew here at Sunnydale is expertly trained in the science of lawn disease treatment and prevention. We provide services and consultation that, both directly and indirectly, will combat the harmful scenarios that can lead to disease.

Common Lawn Diseases in Troy, MI & Surrounding Area

This Bloomfield yard has fairy ring disease spreading throughout the lawn.l

A number of diseases in the local area can plague your lawn throughout the year. Many of these diseases are fungal and have very distinct characteristics that help us determine which one has taken over your lawn and how we can move forward with treating it.

  1. Dollar Spot - Creates lesions on grass blades resulting in dollar-shaped areas of discoloration throughout the lawn. This is a fungal disease.
  2. Fairy Ring - This fungal disease is most often accompanied by rings of mushrooms on your lawn.
  3. Snow Mold - This fungal disease is most common during long rains or snow. It occurs during colder seasons.
  4. Red Thread - This is a disease that covers your lawn in reddish-pink patches that are irregularly shaped. Red thread is most common in the spring but can appear during the fall and winter as well.
  5. Brown Patch - Causes large patches of your grass to turn brown. Brown patch thrives in hot temperatures and can kill your yard quickly if fungicides are not deployed immediately.

We use targeted fungicides to ensure the disease attacking your lawn is quickly eradicated. After the disease is gone, we can provide services, such as fertilization and weed control, that will keep your lawn healthy and free of future lawn problems.

The best solution to lawn disease is prevention. Routine watering, fertilizing, and dethatching are proven ways of maintaining a stress-free lawn!

Call for a quote on eradicating lawn disease or insect infestations from your lawn.

Whether you are a small business owner or a homeowner, our experts can assess and make a plan of action for your lawn. Once we remove the disease or pest problem, we help you avoid future lawn issues by shifting the way your property is cared for.

Commit to a healthy lawn by taking preventative measures and investing in a lawn care routine that includes proper mowing, maintenance, fertilizing, and watering. By doing so, you can avoid insect infestations and lawn diseases. Call us at (248) 376-8991 to get a quote for your lawn services in Troy, MI today!

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