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Landscaping that shows trimming and pruning that has been done professionally.

Trimming & PruningIn Troy, MI & Surrounding Areas

Our trimming and pruning services will keep your landscape shrubs, bushes, and hedges well-shaped, while protecting them from disease and insect infestations.

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We offer local homeowners and business owners in and around Troy, as well as Rochester and Bloomfield, MI trimming and pruning services.

Maintain and protect the health of hedges, like the Boxwood hedge, shrubs, and bushes with our professional services.

Landscape hedges and shrubs of a Troy property that's receiving trimming and pruning services from Sunnydale Lawn Care.

Maintain your plants' growth with trimming and then protect your plants' health with pruning! At Sunnydale Lawn Care, we offer both services for landscaping shrubs, hedges, and bushes in the communities of Troy, Rochester, and Bloomfield, MI.

With the popularity of the Boxwood hedge being prevalent on almost every property in the vicinity, we know homeowners and business owners can benefit from our reliable and professional services. Trimming and pruning is both an art and a necessity for growing beautiful, healthy plants.

Benefits Your Property Reaps From Trimming & Pruning

When is the last time you took out your pruning and trimming tools? Most people do not spend much time to properly maintain their landscaping shrubs, hedges, and bushes, which over time can cause them to grow awkwardly and unchecked. Having a professional service that offers trimming and pruning makes sure your property reaps all the benefits that come along with it, such as:

  • Keeping the size of your plants maintained
  • Shaping your plants, especially hedges that should be uniform in size and shape
  • Removing diseased branches, before they become a hazard to your plant
  • Promoting healthy growth and flowering
  • Preventing insect infestation

The Differences Between Trimming & Pruning

Sunnydale Lawn Care professional performing pruning services on a landscape small tree in Rochester.

Trimming helps maintain the growth and shape of your plants. We use professional tools to give your shrub, bush, or hedge what equates to a haircut. This service is a great opportunity, especially for the previously mentioned Boxwood hedges, to keep them neat, tidy, and add to your curb appeal.

Whether your business has a few shrubs and bushes or your home landscaping is filled with them, trimming is essential for maintaining your home's value and getting your plants to grow in a desirable way.

Pruning is essential to the health of your property's plants. It helps protect the plant from getting diseased or dying. During pruning, we use our professional tools to remove dead, dying, or diseased branches by cutting them back to a safe point.

Every plant, tree, and shrub is different, so it is best to leave trimming and pruning services to professionals who know the various landscape plants of the Troy, Rochester, and Bloomfield, MI area.

The Importance of Timing

When it comes to pruning and trimming, timing is mostly dependent on the species of plant. Generally, most plants receive trimming and pruning better during their dormancy period. It gives them time to heal during non-growth periods, which helps them gain strength and health needed to ward off disease and insect infestation.

For certain plants, such as spring flowering or fruit-bearing shrubs and bushes, we move our timetable towards mid-Spring to early summer...whichever suits the specific plant. Trimming and pruning, when done right and perfectly timed, will help your property's plants flourish all year long.

Call us now for trimming and pruning services for your home or business.

We know plants and we know the greater Troy, MI area, which includes Rochester and Bloomfield. Have our experts come to your property today to assess your plants, shrubs, and bushes. We can determine their current state of health, explain how to modify your plant care approach, and offer our continuous services that are beneficial to your property.

Call us today at (248) 376-8991! We are available for homes and businesses located near Troy, Rochester, and Bloomfield, MI.

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