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Example of a lawn and landscaping of a homeowner that has regimented fertilization and weed control services throughout the year.

Lawn Fertilization & Weed ControlIn Troy, MI & Surrounding Areas

Pre and post-emergent herbicides will keep weeds at bay, while custom-blended fertilizer will feed your lawn the nutrients it needs to grow green and lush.

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Professional residential and commercial fertilization and weed control services for Troy, Rochester, and Bloomfield, MI.

Your lawn will be strengthened and rid of weeds through a properly regimented schedule of fertilization and herbicide treatments.

Lush backyard of a homeowner in Troy, who is receiving fertilization and weed control services from Sunnydale Lawn Care.

The easiest way to maintain a healthy, green, and thriving lawn is to make sure you are practicing proper fertilization and weed control procedures. At Sunnydale Lawn Care, we provide both businesses and households around Oakland County, including Troy, Rochester, and Bloomfield, MI, with the means to improve their home's curb appeal by simply opting into our fertilization and weed control program.

Our knowledgeable team are experts in determining and applying the best methods for correcting the specific issues that are present in your landscape, effectively ridding your lawn of unwanted weeds with treatments of herbicide and strengthening your lawn through a regimented fertilization schedule. Let our experienced technicians handle the "dirty work" so you can sit back and enjoy your beautiful and well-nourished, weed-free lawn.

Scheduling Throughout the Year of Our Fertilization Treatments & the Process Involved

Most cool-season lawns can benefit from approximately 4-6 fertilizer treatments throughout the year. The frequency and balance of nutrients in your existing soil will help determine the best route for your property. Our 6 step lawn treatment schedule for cool season lawns includes early spring, late spring, early summer, late summer, early fall, and late fall for a total of six applications.

We use only the highest quality granular fertilizer available on the market. This helps us achieve our goal, making sure your lawn is lush, healthy, green, and weed free.

Our professionals will test your soil and determine the best course of action going forward that will yield the best results for your property. Ongoing treatments are needed to reap the benefits. Fertilizing your lawn just once will not be enough to keep a continuous cycle of vital nutrients in your soil. Over time, your lawn uses these nutrients and new treatments are needed to keep up the health and resistance of your lawn.

Fertilization Applications for New Lawns vs. Established Lawns

Experienced team member applying the standard chemical fertilizer in the backyard of a Rochester homeowner.

Newly planted lawns need the same nutrients (nitrogen and potassium) that your established lawn does. However, they need them in very different quantities. An established lawn benefits from a nitrogen-heavy fertilizer and is usually applied in a slow-release formula.

Conversely, if you have a newly established lawn, you need to approach your first treatment differently. We wait approximately 4-8 weeks after germination and use a starter formula that helps nourish new seedlings. The starter formula should only be used on the first application and standard fertilizer blends should be used going forward.

Chemical Treatments & Organic Fertilizer Options

A sample of organic fertilizer that has been blended for a property in Bloomfield.

At Sunnydale Lawn Care, we offer customers the option of using either chemical or organic fertilizer applications. Our standard treatments are always chemical, but we do offer organic by request only. Applications are spread out on your commercial or residential lawn using a walk behind applicator. We evenly disperse the fertilizer to ensure your entire lawn is fed.

Troy and the surrounding Michigan areas typically have Kentucky Bluegrass lawns, which tend to be overwatered by the property owner. Watering too much can adversely affect how the fertilizer works, and leave your lawn susceptible to disease and insect infestation.

We are experts at dealing with fertilization and weed control around protected wetlands and lakes. Ask about these special applications today!

Fertilizing your lawn has many benefits such as deeper root systems, greater durability, and increased weed & disease resistance.

You will see numerous positive results when you institute an overall healthy lawn program, including regular use of fertilizer throughout the growing season. Whether your lawn is new or has been established for years, it is never too late to get on the right track to healthy, green grass. Some of the benefits that come with a regular program of lawn fertilization include:

  • A deeper root system
  • Stronger, fuller blades
  • More Durable and resistant lawn
  • Reduced weed growth and which means less weed killer is needed on your lawn
  • The turf is able to absorb water more quickly
  • You get great curb appeal with lush, green grass

Weed Control with Pre-Emergent & Post-Emergent Applications

We offer weed control as part of our fertilization applications. Our weed control program is strictly for your lawn, but you can contact us at (248) 376-8991 for a quote on additional weed control services for your landscaping beds.

We use a liquid weed control that is applied using a spray method. Both pre-emergent and post-emergent applications are done throughout the year to cover both grassy and broadleaf weeds.

For cool season lawns, pre-emergent is best sprayed during early spring and if needed a second treatment in late spring. Post-emergent applications are used typically during the summer months.

Weeds That Are Most Likely to Overrun Your Property

One of the most common weeds that is dealt with within the Troy region is dandelions.

In our local areas of Troy, Rochester, and Bloomfield, MI your property is most likely to be overrun by the following weeds:

  • Crabgrass- Telltale signs of crabgrass include pointy wide leaves that are from a single common stem, and it feels coarse to touch.
  • Dandelions- These weeds are very easily identified by their yellow flower that transforms into puffy seeds.
  • Clover or other broadleaf types - Clover is easily recognizable by its 3-part leaves that can overtake your lawn.
  • Violets - This can be a difficult weed to control, they are identified by their pretty purple flower but in reality, it is a very aggressive weed that can choke out your lawn.
  • Thistle- This weed is identified by sharp prickles on their leaves, stems and any flat parts of the leaves.
  • Chickweed- Is a common weed that is identified by a white, star-shaped flower, pairs of green leaves, and straggly looking stems that grows closely to the ground.

Call for a consultation, soil test, or quote on fertilization and weed control for your residential or commercial property.

At Sunnydale Lawn Care, our experts are here to transform your lawn. After just a few applications from our granular fertilizer and weed control treatments, you will see the vibrancy and thickness restored to your lawn. Fertilizing throughout the year will help your lawn stay strong throughout the hot summers, and give it the added nutrients it needs to withstand the cold winters.

We work with commercial and residential property owners to establish a routine that works best for your lawn! Call us at (248) 376-8991 for a consultation, soil test, and quote today! We serve Troy, and surrounding communities like Rochester and Bloomfield in MI.

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